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Nonfunctional Requirements Q&A

Non-functional requirements Q&A: We answer questions from readers about using nonfunctional requirements on a real software project, and how to use them on a real software project. Non-functional requirements: Planning out how well your software will work A couple of months ago I wrote a post called Using nonfunctional requirements to build better software. It’s […]

Using nonfunctional requirements to build better software

Understanding nonfunctional requirements — which some people call software quality attributes or nonbehavioral requirements — can make a big difference when you’re building software. But a lot of people have trouble taking a somewhat theoretical idea and applying it to a real-life project. Luckily, we’ve got an easy, practical technique to use nonfunctional requirements on […]

How to hold a more effective code review

A lot of programmers feel like being asked to go to a code review is like being told by mom to eat our veggies. We’ll complain about it, and even if we do eventually swallow them we’re determined not to enjoy them. It’s something I’ve seen over and over again: programmers groaning about having to […]

Unit testing and the narrowly averted Citicorp Center disaster

I was working on a project earlier today. Now, typically I always do test-driven development, where I’ll build unit tests that verify each class first and then build the code for the class after the tests are done. But once in a while, I’ll do a small, quick and dirty project, and I’ll think to […]

How spending a little extra time and money on design might have saved Microsoft over a billion bucks

I really wanted an Xbox 360. My old PS2 is showing its age, and I wanted to upgrade to a new system as soon as I finished the last few missions of GTA: Vice City Stories — especially now that it looks like Manhunt 2 won’t be coming out for PS2 any time soon. I’m […]