Early Release for Head First C#, 4th edition

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that the first two chapters of our next book, Head First C# (4th edition), are now available as a PDF from our GitHub page and on the O’Reilly learning platform. We’ve put a huge amount of work this new edition, which includes:

  • New and improved projects that help you learn C# and .NET Core
  • Cross-platform support using Visual Studio on both Windows and Mac
  • A Unity Lab at the end of every chapter that uses 3D game development with Unity to help you learn and explore C#
  • A brand new cover design!

Follow Head First C# on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeadFirstCSharp

Announcing “What is Scrumban?”

We’re excited to announce our latest O’Reilly publication, “What is Scrumban?” – a report to help you take your Scrum and Agile implementation to the next level.

The most common Agile framework for project management and product delivery today is Scrum. If you combine Scrum with Kanban—an Agile method for process improvement and workflow management—you get Scrumban: a project management/product delivery tool that features pull systems, workflow visualization, and process improvement.

In this report, Andrew examines the fundamentals of Scrum and Kanban, and explains how a Scrumban hybrid can combine Scrum and Kanban effectively and take both of them to the next level. A widely recognized expert in transforming and improving software organizations, teams, and code, Stellman explains how teams that adopt Scrumban combine the core parts of both approaches to deliver better products today while continuing to improve into the future. Agile practitioners will discover why a growing number of software teams now use Scrumban.

  • Review the core elements of Scrum and Kanban for product delivery and process improvement
  • Understand how Scrumban incorporates the empirical process control of Scrum with the pull systems of Kanban to maintain the integrity of both
  • Explore common misconceptions, including the notion that Scrum and Kanban have the same goals or that Scrumban is just “iterationless” Scrum
  • Learn how to use your current Scrum implementation as a starting point for meaningful process improvement that can make your product delivery even more effective
  • Examine a case study that describes a successful real-world implementation of a Scrum and Kanban hybrid

What is Scrumban? is available on the O’Reilly learning platform. If you don’t have access to the platform, please contact us and we send get a copy of the report to you.

The next edition of Head First PMP is almost here

We’re thrilled to announce that the 4th edition of our PMP preparation guide, Head First PMP, is in the final stretch of its production cycle. It will be released very soon! We just got the last of the proofs back from our (fantastic) proofreader, and it looks really good. We’ve gotten so many notes from readers asking about the release date, so we’re especially happy to point out that the release page on the Amazon page for the 4th edition is accurate.

You can pre-order the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Head-First-PMP-4th-ed/dp/1492029645/

We’re excited to finish this project and provide what we believe to be the most effective PMP preparation guide on the market. We’ve updated it to include all of the new material in the 6th edition of the PMBOK® Guide. But we’ve stuck the central idea behind every edition of the book, the idea that we think has made it so successful: that we teach you about project management in a way that also prepares you for the exam. We’ve continued our commitment to helping you learn, not cram, so you can become a better project manager while you prepare for certification.

Thanks again for your patience, and for your support over the years.