Announcing Head First C# 4th edition!

After years of work, the new edition of Head First C# is finally here!

Welcome to Head First C#, one of the most fun and effective ways to get C# into your brain… fast! Head First C# is highly engaging and brain-friendly guide to learning C#. Do you want to get up and running with C# quickly? Would you prefer to skip long-winded, boring, overly theoretical introductions and jump straight to writing code and building fun projects? Do you want to learn by doing? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then Head First C# was written just for you! It’s filled with projects, puzzles, and activities that keep things light, lively, and interesting. You’ll learn important C# concepts, ideas, and tools, and get lots of practice writing code. And most importantly, you’ll dive write in and start building projects from the very beginning.

Check out the early praise we’ve already gotten for the book:

“Thank you so much! Your books have helped me to launch my career.”
Ryan White, Game Developer

“If you’re a new C# developer (welcome to the party!), I highly recommend Head First C#. Andrew and Jennifer have written a concise, authoritative, and most of all, fun introduction to C# development. I wish I’d had this book when I was first learning C#!”
Jon Galloway, Senior Program Manager on the .NET Community Team, Microsoft

“Not only does Head First C# cover all the nuances it took me a long time to understand, it has that Head First magic going on where it is just a super fun read.”
Jeff Counts, Senior C# Developer

“Head First C# is a great book with fun examples that keep learning interesting.”
Lindsey Bieda, Lead Software Engineer

The new 4th edition has some exciting new features, including full support for both Visual Studio 2019 (Windows) and Visual Studio for Mac—not only is Visual Studio an amazing IDE for developing C# apps, it’s also a wonderful tool to learn and explore C#. We also added fun Unity Labs, where you’ll use Unity to practice your C# skills by building 3D projects and games.

Download a free PDF of the first four chapters from our GitHub page:

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