Special Event: O’Reilly Book Club for Geeks

I’ve got an announcement about a really exciting event. From August 18 to 24, I’ll be leading a discussion in this forum for the a special O’Reilly Community event on the Head First C# forum. Please join me there! Bring any questions you’ve got about C#, becoming a better developer, running your projects, managing your career, or building better software.

Here’s more information from the event page, where you can sign up for the event:

Andrew Stellman on C#

Date: Aug 18-24, 2010

Led by: Andrew Stellman

If you’re serious about learning C#, join Andrew Stellman, author of Head First C#, as he discusses the nuances of C# 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.

Andrew explores topics such as:

  • Why use C# instead of any other language?
  • C# Best Practices
  • Becoming a better C# developer
  • Dealing with objects
  • Productivity Hints
  • The Best of C#

What is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle: The O’Reilly Book Club for Geeks is an online weeklong discussion forum where passionate technologists can connect with featured O’Reilly authors.

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