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James Turner‘s weekly O’Reilly Week in Review podcast this week features an interview with Jenny and me about Beautiful Teams, and what goes into making a team work well.

I’ll transcribe a quick excerpt from the interview – we’re talking about our interview in the book with NASA manager and team leader Peter Glück:

Jenny: You hear all your life about what it’s like to work at NASA. There were so many times we’d want to put in place a practice, and you’d hear, “Well, this isn’t NASA”. So to hear about how NASA actually did stuff was really exciting. It was such a revelation that they pretty much do stuff like everybody else, you know?

Andrew: I kind of had a feeling of, “They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.” They build the same way, they test the same way, it’s just that they put a whole lot more time, money and effort into testing. And there are some things they can’t to. We talked about continuous integration. I asked him, “Do you do continuous integration?” Well, no, they don’t do continuous integration, because that involves integrating with a hardware platform that they have to take into a clean room. If your inegration process involves a clean room, it probably can’t be automated.

If you want a little background about what goes into building an O’Reilly book, working with the folks there, and some of the thought process behind Beautiful Teams, definitely have a listen. You can hear the whole interview here!

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