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Training saves your kneecaps

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy! What’s that? You want to know more? Well, certainly. We’ve got lots of news:

  • Jenny and I are doing some guest blogging on the Head First Labs website, talking about what it’s like writing a Head First book (and whatever else we feel like talking about). I’ll be doing the posts this week, starting with one called “How We Made Head First C# Different”. I’ll probably get a little more technical near the end of the week — there’s only so much anyone wants to read about writing books. (Or is there?)
  • We’ve put up a new training page, because we’ve been getting a lot of questions about training. It’s a list of the various courses we offer on project management and software development. Right now, we’re mainly concentrating on training corporate teams — we’ll go into a company and do a few days of training for a team. We’ve been getting an increasing number of inquiries about putting together classes that are open to the public, though. If you’re interested in that, please drop us a note using our contacts page and we’ll let you know the next time we’re offering one.
  • Last week we were invited to do our “Why Projects Fail” talk for the PMINYC Breakfast Roundtable. After the talk, one of the audience members came up to me to thank us for doing a presentation that wasn’t boring. I thought that was pretty cool! Anyway, here are the slides from the talk.
  • We’ve been doing our “Why Projects Fail” talk at companies around town. If you work at a company in New York City and want some insight into why projects fail, you’ve got a brown-bag lunch program (or some other kind of program where your company brings speakers in to do a talk), and you can get a reasonably-sized audience together, get in touch with us — we’re usually happy to come in and do it as part of our New York outreach program. It’s generally pretty fun, and a good way to take your mind off of the job for an hour.

2007-10-09 presentation screenshot

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