mgrs_to_utm - convert MGRS coordiantes to UTM


mgrs_to_utm is a small utility to convert Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates to UTM (Universal Transvers Mercator). MGRS coordinates look like this:


This breaks down into pieces:

A UTM coordinate consists of a zone, a hemisphere (north or south), an easting and a northing. mgrs_to_utm will convert an MGRS coordinate string into those four values.

Installation and source code

mgrs_to_utm is written in C. To install it, download the source code (both files) into a folder build it using GCC:

gcc -o mgrs_to_utm mgrs_to_utm.c

It will also build in Visual C++ 2008.

Converting coordinates from MGRS to UTM

mgrs_to_utm is a command-line program. To convert MGRS to UTM coordinates, pass the MGRS coordinate as a parameter to mgrs_to_utm:

$ ./mgrs_to_utm 49PAN730040
Zone: 49 Hemisphere: N Easting: 173000 Northing: 1204000


This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). However, it's derived from Geotrans 2.4.1, and any alteration must comply with its license.